Advantages of Solar Energy Street Light 

Solar LED street light uses crystalline silicon solar panel as a power source, maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed gel battery for power storage, ultra-bright LED lamps as a light source, controlled by the intelligent charge and discharge controller.

Solar energy street light has a great advantage over the traditional lights in that its products are known for the quick, convenient installation and durability. Solar Energy Street Light is used to replace the traditional public power lighting street. Saving energy LED solar garden street light can be widely used in urban roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, car parks, and other places.

Solar Energy Street Light

Advantages of Solar Energy Street Light:

1.This type is very convenient for customers to customize the light under their requirements.
2.Microwave motion sensor system, light control system, time control system, and time + microwave control system perfectly ensure that the whole LED solar garden pathway street light is more energy-efficient.
3.Easy installation-No power required, no cables required easy installation within several minutes.
4.Solar panel and light angle adjustable-Adjustable in the vertical direction, ensure maximum efficiency of photoelectricity conversion.
5.Good heat dissipation-Solar panel, battery, and light body are not connected directly; LED light and lithium battery are not covered by a panel anymore, longer lifetime.
6.All the materials are made of die-cast aluminum, good heat dissipation, high level in wind resistance, salt resistance, humidity resistance.
7.Lithium battery-Adopt lithium-ion ferrous phosphate battery to replace traditional gel battery, longer lifetime.
8.Modular design-All components are modular design and in standardized production. LED light and battery can be replaced easily if needed.
9.Airship shape design, most innovative design.
10.The lithium battery is in a die-cast aluminum alloy box, which is more waterproof, the lifetime of battery getting longer.
11.The economical type of solar street light is lighter, so the transport cost is less.
12.Wireless application-Integrated solar panel, LED, lithium battery, controller, and other accessories into one system, simple and stylish.

Specification parameters of Solar Energy Street Light:

Parameters / ModelMPPT10MPPT20MPPT30MPPT40
Maximum power current12A20A30A40A
Installation  Lin(mm2)4mm28mm210mm212mm2
Installation Line(AWG)10(AWG)8(AWG)7(AWG)6(AWG)
Loop Buck≤100mV
Battery float voltage13.8V(12V system)/27.6V(24V system)
Battery (under voltage) protection10.6V(12V system)/21.2V(24V system)
Battery (under voltage) recovery voltage12.6V(12V system)/25.2V(24V system)
Charge modeMPPT+PWM MODE
Operating Temperature-10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~70℃
Humidity requirements≤90%, No condensation
Temperature compensation-4mV/Cell/℃
Temperature Probe (built components)NTC 100K  thermostats
The maximum open-circuit voltage of the solar panel18V-24V(12V system)36V-48V(24V system)
Solar panels maximum open-circuit voltage (V)≤48V

Application of Solar Street Lamp:

1. Courtyard / Garden/Park / Street / Roadway
2. Pathway / Parking Lot / Private Road / Sidewalk / Public Square
3. Plaza / Campus / Airfield / Farm & Ranch / Perimeter Security, Front yard, Back yard
4. Wildlife Area / Remote Area / Camping, and much more

Application of Solar Street Lamp

Competitive Products:

1.Solar Street Lights & LED Street Lighting 15W-150W;
2.Solar Garden Lights & Solar Landscape Lights 5W-30W;
3.Solar Battery: 4.5Ah-250Ah/12V, 200Ah-3000Ah/2V;
4.Solar Panels & Solar Modules 5W-360W Poly & Mono ;
5. Solar Controllers: 5A-60A/12V Or 24V Or 48V IP 65 IP68 Rating;
6.Solar Home Lighting System/Kits:5W-10KW With Lighting + Fan + TV + Fridge + USB Charging Phone Function/AC or DC Power;

Solar lawn light

Renewable Energy is all around us, but we do not have the right infrastructure in place to harvest that energy. 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity, with little chance of being eventually connected to the grid, especially in rural areas. We want to promote a lifestyle of using alternative sources that will reduce dependency on fossil fuels for energy through our products.