Integrated Solar LED Street Light Indian Customer Visit Case

Not long ago, customers from India contacted us. They wanted to personally inspect the integrated solar LED street lights. Due to the needs of the project, they needed a lot of solar street lights. After repeated comparisons, they finally chose us. We warmly welcomed the visits of Indian customers. After field visits, Indian customers finally reached a cooperation with us. The integrated solar LED street light is an intelligent outdoor lighting system that provides powerful lighting into an all-in-one compact package and is easy to install. During the day the highly efficient solar panel collects energy from the sun and … Read more

Brazil Solar LED Street Light Customer Visit Case

Recently, we hosted customers from Brazil who are responsible for the construction of an infrastructure that requires a large number of solar LED street lights. After repeated comparisons, finally chose us. In order to provide customers with more high-quality solar street lights, we invite customers to visit, and Brazilian customers are also very enthusiastic to conduct field visits,and finally reached a cooperation. Solar LED street lights is easy to carry, simple to installed, convenient to use, saving energy, durable and long life span. With all this advantages, Its the best seller all over the world. Brazilian customer visit Solar LED street … Read more